Building the ventures of tomorrow, today

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We’re building
technology ventures that are accelerating paradigm shifts.

We ain’t no VC or accelerator. TREA simply is a company that builds tech companies and teams.

So if you have a technology or a prototype, if you have done significant research for something that has the potential to change the world, if no one else listens and believes, despite you having relevant data that justifies your assumptions, we should talk.

The more „impossible“ the idea and undertakings are, the better.



Some of the ventures TREA is currently involved in. 


Fixing accounting. Founded in 2016, Accounto develops software for SMBs and trustees who want to get accounting done and focus on what really matters. Series A in 2019 with AXA.


Fixing paperwork. Founded in 2018, Parashift builds technologies that allow for superhuman document processing at low costs using machine learning. Seed in 2019 with Baumann & Cie, Jaquet Group & Fiba Group.


Fixing property management. Founded in 2017, Fairwalter builds software that enables real estate managers to increase their overall efficiency and focus on their core competencies. Seed stage.

Sector focus.

We know that focus is everything. That’s why we bundle our resources to foster paradigm shifts in four pillar sectors.

Transportation & Mobility

Transportation and mobility are subjects to think about because of the challenges they imply for the future. New technologies provide tremendous opportunities to create a more frictionless and efficient ecosystem that copes with these challenges.

Health & Nutrition

Health and well-being are the fundamental basis for a longer and more fulfilled life. Therefore, we support entrepreneurs who are on a mission to transform the existing systems by creating and building breakthrough companies and treatments.


Energy is pervasive and has great impact on our lives. Hence, fostering more efficient and sustainable solutions that are able to achieve significant scale is critical for a better future.


We believe everybody should be able to live in a beautiful and affordable place. Getting there might require unconventional undertakings. We support and enable entrepreneurs on this journey.


Directly invest in
tech ventures
that truly make a difference.

Traditional startup fund investments have the disadvantage that too often they are invested in rather mediocre, trendy startups, while the very promising tech ventures are inadequately assessed. 

TREA is part of every venture in the portfolio and is therefore able to assess and influence its success in a significant way. This reduces risks and ensures that a sustainable long-term return can be achieved.

Find out if you can become one of TREA’s associated investors. We’re happy to talk.


Key people.

Vast venture and corporate innovation experience.

Alain Veuve

Parallel Enterpreneur. Founder. 

Mattia Rüfenacht

Partner. Allrounder.

This is TREA

The future is not built by dreamers. It’s built today, by doers. It’s crafted by people who live on the edge of cultural trends and understand where things are heading. Building tomorrow is the work of many hands and minds, not one person alone and so the future hinges on the support of a partner who understands that. At TREA we believe tomorrow is built today.